Ádám/ graphics
In our team, consisting of mainly women, Ádám worthily represents the stronger sex. When he takes a break from patenting his latest idea about a new ergonomic furniture piece, our novice artist goes caving, pumps iron at the gym, or takes a ride to Lake Balaton on his bicycle (and takes a nap on the shore while hugging his bike). Sooner or later, we will promote him as a Ken model for Mattel!

Beatrix / tailoring-sewing
She is a spirited lady who always smiles from ear to ear, and looks as if she has just stepped out of a Hungarian folk tale. We hope to keep her on board for a while, before she starts her very own saloon. We don't know when she has the time to rest, because she works like a machine while she also finds time to post party photos regularly. She must be a fairy with night vision, since we're pretty sure that she works in the dark as well.

Judit / design, tailoring-sewing
For forty years she designed buildings and taught architecture for young architect wannabes. She left the world of twenty metre beams and started to solve millimetre problems, so Barbie will have the kind of trousers that fit her nicely. Also, instead of teaching young men, she now fulfils the dreams of five-year-old girls. She loves Lake Balaton as much as designing. If you ever see a gentleman waiting patiently in front of a textile shop for an hour, that will be her husband. And, if you ever see a lady swimming in Lake Balaton during October, that will be her.

Edit / hat
She's a music enthusiast, a nature-lover and a horse maniac. Her greatest passion is to reinvent the fashion of woman hats. Others say that "any hat made by her serves as a metaphor of women's personality". For us, it means that while she makes fabulous hats for our model dolls, she will never allow Barbie to wear a baseball cap. But we still try to convince her to change her mind!

Henriett / tailoring-sewing
Our dear colleague, who is more vigorous than any teenager, is the mother of an adolescent boy, but no one believes that. She completely identified with the brand. Her wallet, cell phone and fringe are all pink, and her favourite bike is also ready for a change of colour. She tends to fall in love with certain doll dresses, and from then on she works on it enthusiastically. Apart from that, she likes to collect sculptures of muscular Maasai warriors. Maybe she collects them for Barbie, if she ever gets bored of Ken :-)

Ildikó / felt
She is a lover of creative processes - let it be animation making, silk painting, or making papier mache sculptures and felt hats. Upon seeing her works, one would feel himself unworthy to ever try to make handcrafted gifts. We got her make every kind of hat for Barbie which we are coward to wear on the street.

Kata / tailoring-sewing
Our young textile designer is a real little fairy with curly blonde hair, big wondering eyes and batting eyelashes. Her soul is white as snow, and her gaze is full of curiosity. In the daytime she is at the college, where she studies and writes test meekly and silently, while at night she goes wild and jumps around on loud heavy metal concerts. We will never fathom her, we just simply love her.

Kitty/ hairsyle
She is the right-hand woman of a celebrity hairdresser, a real beauty, a fishing champion (truly!!!) and a hip-hop dancer. She is really one of a kind woman. Kitty arrives on her motorbike, grips the surprised Barbie in a vice and cuts her a punk hairstyle using a hair clipper. According or graphic artist, she turns the dolls from silly blondes into attractive women. We hope that it will happen to us too! :-) Moreover, she also undertakes to give the same haircut to little girls as their dolls have!

Magdolna / tailoring-sewing
Despite her small stature, she works like a machine. If the stork had brought her earlier, she could have received the first Stakhanov medal in Hungary. She loves water. If you ever see a lady during summer sitting on a chequered blanket at the Palatinus open-air bath while tailoring Barbie dresses, and later running towards the wave pool ahead of their children, that will be her!

Sanyi / IT
He works as an IT specialist, but he has the soul of a composer. He is a newlywed husband, but instead of going on a honeymoon he is working on our webshop. (We don't know his wife, but we truly respect her.) He is the kind of programmer who works 26 hours a day in front of the monitor, but he still smiles, makes coffee for you, and if you ask him a question he answers in complete sentences. We will recommend him to the UNESCO! There was never such a man as he, and there probably never will be! We just don't understand how we could be so lucky to have him on board!

Veronika / jewellery
She is a real industrial artist in uncommon clothes and with an uncommon, wry sense of humour. She never had a Barbie, and her wardrobe never contained anything pink, but thanks to her thirst for adventure (and her goldsmith qualification), our model dolls got a real silver jewellery collection. If the universe has a sense of humour, it won't let her get away with the sparkling-pink age, and blesses her with three little girls, who will get tons of Barbie from us :-)

Vera / management
She is an economist who worked for other for 15 years, and then she started her own company. As a little girl, she hadn't got any Barbie doll, but now she buys one weekly "ex officio". She is honest way beyond the borders of common sense. She is a woman who learns better and more than necessary, and who is much more precise than expected. The blood of ancestors is thicker than water. Vera is a member of a species destined to extinction: she has such entrepreneurial values that have gone out of fashion hundred years ago, and if she could have one wish, she would have a coffee with Henry James.