Play! Play! Play!

We would like to approach the age-group of little girls, who are beginning to discover that once they grow up they will not become fairies but WOMEN, which is just as exciting. As a mother / grandmother / aunt, or even father, you could show them by playing and laughing what it is like to be a stylish WOMAN.

To make this common game easier, we create handmade wardrobes for Barbie and Ken with the help of Hungarian experts. We put our heart and soul into our products. Our taste may differ, but our goal is common: only those doll clothes get into our webshop, which according to our opinion would be worthy to wear by real flesh-and-blood women as well. We keep up with the fashion trends, but we also bravely, or even dauntlessly, keep to the principle that a dress does not have to reveal too much body (as the mass-produced doll dresses often do) to make the wearer attractive.

We could really say that we achieved our goal, if your little pigtailed girl will learn something important during the conversations and common games: It is good to be a woman! Your little daughter's dolls will soon become sweet memories of her childhood, but until then do not hesitate to seize every opportunity to play and laugh together with her. Enjoy every moment!

With loving kindness,
The Pinkscroll Team