Loyalty Program

We would like to reward your loyalty and we would also be grateful if you speak highly of us.

Upon each purchase, 1% of the purchase price will be credited to you as loyalty points, which could be spent anytime, even during the next purchase, or they can be collected and spent at a later time.

Detailed conditions: Loyalty Program (see at the bottom of the website )

In addition to your loyalty, we would also be very grateful if you tell your friends about us.

You can send a referral link to your friends in the "Profile" menu. (By pressing the "Profile" menu button a pop-up window will appear where you can edit your personal data under the first two tabs. You can also send a referral link under the third tab titled "Invitations"!)

Those who register with the help of your referral link will be listed in our system as members recommended by you, and upon each purchase they make, 3% of the purchase price will be credited to your account!

Thank you!
The Pinkscroll Team