Are the products available commercially?
WEB-SHOP: www.pinkscroll.com
MESKA.HU: http://www.meska.hu/Shop/index/12227
DAWANDA.DE: http://de.dawanda.com/shop/Pinkscroll

Where can the products be seen personally?
Our products are not available commercially, therefore they cannot be seen prior to purchase.

Is there an option for free personal pickup?
Yes. The ordered products can be picked up personally in Hungary in the Mammut I. Shopping and Entertainment Centre, on the 3rd floor, in the Hobbyművész shop. (Our products are not available in the shop, it only serves as the place of delivery.)

At what age can the doll dresses be given to children?
The Pinkscroll brand products are design products, not toys. We recommend them for common activities with the parents.

Does Pinkscroll Ltd. manufacture dresses for other dolls besides Barbie dolls?
No, the doll dresses manufactured by Pinkscroll Ltd. are made in accordance only with the sizes of the original Mattel Barbie dolls.

Are there any dolls available for purchase on the website?
Dolls are not available for purchase in our webshop. For the photos, we used Mattel Barbie dolls only, most of which are part of the 2010 collection. The products of Mattel Inc. can be purchased in almost every toy store. We hope you will find some to your liking!