Our company creates design products for the original, made by Mattel, Barbie dolls with the knowledge and permission of Mattel Hungary. We hope that the collectors and the little girls playing with their parents/grandparents also take pleasure in these clothes.

To make the game smooth and jolly, we would like to stress the above mentioned fact once more! When creating our products, only the original (made by Mattel) Barbie doll measurements are taken into account. Therefore, we cannot guarantee their compatibility with other dolls.

The waist-hip-breast measurements of the dolls, made by Mattel, are not the same. Each doll series with a fictitious name has different, individual parameters. Due to the absence of an official classification, we ourselves divided them into 'M' or 'L' sizes. The little girls themselves might have also discovered these differences, while they were playing with their dolls collected over the years. It is very important to keep the abovementioned fact in mind, in order to have doll clothes that fit your daughter's dolls.