Buying Process

The prices of products on this website include the Hungarian VAT.
However, they do not include:
delivery costs
costs of cash on delivery
personal discounts of the product prices (loyalty points, coupons)

If you choose Hungarian language from the menu, the prices are shown in HUF.
If you choose English or German language, the prices are shown in EUR.

If the invoice is in HUF, the payment can only be made in HUF.
If the invoice is in EUR, the payment can only be made in EUR.

Pinkscroll Ltd. reserves the right to modify the applied rate of exchange unilaterally at anytime.

The prerequisite of buying on the website is the adult registration. (Children are not able to make purchases on our website.)
The availability of each product, which can be found under the "Webshop" menu, is indicated by the system. This way the customers can see, whether a product is available in the given size and quantity. If it is available, the customers first have to choose between the M and L sizes (of course, this function does not appear at products with only one size). The button for buying is indicated by a black coloured female figure carrying a bag. By pressing the buying button the product will be added to the customer’s shopping cart.

In order to prevent such situations when a child gets the same present from different customers, please indicate during your purchase if you buy the given product for a certain registered child user. This way the wish list of the children users remains up to date. (Before buying something as a present, it is useful to search for the child acquaintances, for whom you wish to buy a present, and add them to your list of acquaintances under the "Profile/Search for Acquaintance .)

The actual content of the shopping cart is accessible both below the “Profile/Cart” menu point and below the bag icon of the left side menu. Amounts of the marked products can be increased and decreased in the shopping cart, and, of course, they can be deleted as well.
After checking the shopping cart, browsing can be continued by clicking the “Continue Shopping” button.

The contents of the shopping cart can be finalized by pressing the "Checkout" button.
The system will ask for further finalization:
- regarding transport methods
- regarding billing address
- regarding delivery address
- regarding the addressee of the e-mail about the order confirmation
- regarding the payment method
- regarding using a coupon code
- regarding the redemption of loyalty points

After entering the information above and pressing the "Review Order" button, the system will send a summary about the given information, which still can be modified.

Customers must pay the full amount of the given order in a lump, which includes the price of products, the delivery costs or the costs of cash on delivery, and the VAT.

Payment methods:
- Via credit card
- Bank transfer payment (coming soon)
- Cash on delivery
- PayPal

In case of paying by credit card, we provide a secure payment method to the customers. By choosing this payment method, the customer gets redirected to the website of CIB Bank Zrt. After the payment has been received, the customer gets redirected to the website. This way the information given at the bank’s website will not become known to Pinkscroll Ltd. For details see: Payment Information (at bottom of the page).

By choosing bank transfer payment method, the customer has to transfer the full and accurate amount on the account of Pinkscroll Ltd. Please indicate the ID of your order in the comment box. (This feature is not available yet.)

Bank account number (HUF account): 10700206-67013535-52000001

In case of cash on delivery the customer pays the full amount in cash to the courier of GLS Hungary.
Cash on delivery is possible only if the delivery address is in Hungary. (In case of personal pick-up it is not possible to pay cash on delivery.)